Brownies Blow Up

It was always chocolate. Dark bittersweet chocolate chunks. A fragrance cocoa powder. A smooth luxury butter. A combination of all those with sparkling caster sugar and flour that make brownies become delicate damply rich chocolate cake.

Ah brownies: fudgy, bittersweet, dense brownies. You are always the top list of all sweet treats, from the crazy midnight craving until elegant afternoon tea set. You were always there. To cheer up a crybaby naughty kids until a melodramatic grown up. And no force could acquiesce you. I guess the term guilty pleasure is solely invented to describe you.

Lately, the Triple Chocolate River Brownies is on the hype of any food blogger here. Starting from facebook, it goes viral and seems like someone would trap forever in yesterday if she hasn’t made it yet. And since I am a hype person – if hype is translated into trend follower – I eventually forced myself to make it. Although I was ran out of eggs. And palm sugar. And chocolate chips. And the time when I was measure the ingredients, I’ve just realized that my hand mixer is Rest In Peace. So be it. The brownies mood was on fire and I wouldn’t waste it.

So here is my cheated version of Triple Chocolate River Brownies by Ummu Allegra (I beg you pardon Ummu, I don’t even know you to thank to you for inspiring me). If you already known the real recipe, mine is far different from her. So let say it is not tweaked version, it is an inspired from TCR Brownies by Ummu Allegra.

200 gr plain flour
40 gr dutch processed cocoa
150 gr castor sugar
1 tbsp instant coffee
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
30 gr melted butter
50 ml thickened cream
100 gr dark chocolate, melted

1.      Pre heat oven to 170 c.
2.      Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, and wet ingredients in another bowl.
3.      Pour the wet to the dry, mix thoroughly.
4.      Turn into a 24 cm square baking tin, bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Once cooler, cut carefully, four down, four across into 16 squares to feed 16, no, 8, no, but 4 greedy mouth. Well, though it doesn’t have to.

Fyi, you wouldn’t find any shiny golden crust on top of it like it should had. And since I skipped the leavening agents, it also would zero from sponge. It is fudge chocolate brownies; a dense, bit crumbly, chocolate rich, faintly sweet, partly bitter and wholly addictive.

Is it that good? No. it is that great. My sister, her boyfriend and I literally fight over the last piece of this brownie. Try, then prove that I am wrong.

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