The so called German (cup)Cake with Swiss Meringue

Sorry, all you can see is just perfect cupcake. You wouldn't notice that it shrank. 

Its called German Cake  though it has nothing to do with Bienenstich or Baumkuchen. This what-so-called as Bolu Jerman (German Cake) came from nowhere but here, with indescribable from whom or why it has its name. 

Anyway, this short of chiffon cake with all in one method is worth to try. It is really smooth as silk and relatively easier than chiffon cake, where you have to whisk egg yolks and whites separately. 

It should have been easier, but i failed making this cottony pillowy cake! My cake shrank successfully right after I took it from the oven. The middle of the cakes collapsed though the edges were OK. My friends told me it probably because I whisked it too long, so it had too many air inside (I don't know how to translate those chemistry code into human language, sorry).

So, what is the best way to hide those concave? Swiss Meringue! I know, I'm genius! I mean, I have no time to use the whites leftover, so why don't we use it as meringue on top of it, considering that I also use my muffin tray for these cake. 

I should have deleted this picture, now you see the cake shrink!

German Cake (Bolu Jerman)
from various source

 6 egg yolks
3 egg whites
100 gr butter, melted, cooled
100 gr granulated sugar
60 gr all purpose flour
35 gr corn flour
25 gr milk powder
1/2 sdt emulsifier (skip)
1/2 sdt vanilla extract
pitted prunes

Swiss Meringue
3 egg whites
150 gr granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 180 C.
Combine all ingredients except melted butter. Using an electric mixer, beat for 15-20 minutes.
Add pitted prunes.
Gradually pour the melted butter, fold to combine. 
Spoon mixture into bundt pan (I used 9 cup muffin tray and 2 loaves), bake for 15 minutes for the muffin and 30 minutes for the loaves. 

For meringue, whisk egg whites on high speed until stiff peaks (1-2 minutes), gradually add sugar and continuously until stiff and shiny (4-5 minutes).
Spoon mixture into a piping bag fitted with a 1 cm plain nozzle. 
Place the cupcakes on baking tray, pipe meringue on top of cupcakes. Bake for 3-4 minutes or until lightly browned. 

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