Bite Sized Sweet Indonesian Thick Pancake

Nothing can beat the popularity of Terang Bulan as street food in Indonesia. Terang Bulan or Martabak Manis is Sweet Indonesian Thick Pancake filled with condensed milk, chocolate rice, cheese, crushed nut and don't forget a huge amount of butter.

Nowadays Martabak Manis vendor are getting creative, we could easily find the fusion Martabak Manis as it filled with matcha, taro until branded chocolate chunks. I know, it is a high fat food, but trust me, once you've tried, you could never stop. That good, I swear.

Anyway, in order to make this sweet tooth less guilty for me, I make the bite sized version without any kind of filling I mention above. Rather, I topped those mini sweet tooth with dulce de leche. Well I know it not zero calories, it is made from condensed milk for sure. But hey, mine is only using dulce de leche, not a triple filling!

Got this recipe from my besties @anitajoyo, you really have to try this.

2 eggs
50 gr castor sugar
300 gr plain flour
200 cc water
1 tbsp instant yeast stir with 3 tbsp water until frothy
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda

Dulce de Leche

Beat eggs and sugar until pale. Add the rest ingredients except baking soda, stir until well incorporated.
Rest for about 30 minutes.
Pre heat the skillet with low heat. Add baking soda to the batter, stir.
Pour the batter, cook until you can see the bubbles start to form, spread with butter and remove from the pan.
Best serve warm with chocolate rice, cheese, or in my version, with dulce de leche.

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