Batik Pudding

I still remember her Chai Tea. 

As a spices lover but tea non-believer, I was so provoked when I read her post titled Chai Tea, a spiced milk tea originated from India. Beside I never taste the tea, it was all because her photographs that lingered into my mind for so long. I don't know how, but I barely could feel the warmth of the tea in the glass and taste the exotic-aromatic spices she captured in a silver tray. 

I guessed she is retired from blogging. Putu Ayu, dated Feb 20th 2013 is her last post. I sometimes come to her blog while hoping to find a new post. But I found none. I didn't know her real name, her friends or other social accounts she had. She was just disappeared.

Until months ago, we’re accidentally met in instagram. I didn’t expect that it was her because she linked her flickr account rather than blog in her profile. So I clicked the link and I once again gasped. Her styling somehow reminded me of something; it was so warm, personal and calm. I just feel that her photo works are not strange to me.

Then I googled her name, and I was so surprise that she is the one behind the blog I always waited. Can’t imagine how life could be so unpredictable, years ago I was one of her fans, and now we are close friends.

As a little dedication, errr, a force actually, force her to enlive her blog again, I made this Batik Pudding. (You can find the recipe in Bahasa in her post under the tag 2009. Here I rewrite in English). Not because she’s my friend now, but honestly this pudding is sooo yumm!! It has silky but firm texture with a milky and chocolaty taste, it must be perfectly blended with sweet sour orange custard. So sad I was run out orange at that time, so as a shortcut, I use instant Fla. If you have orange, you must make the orange custard, but an instant fla is not a bad companion for this mouthwatering Batik Pudding.

Batik Pudding
Source: Asri Pamuncar

White Pudding:
750 cc fresh milk
9 gr white agar-agar
150 gr caster sugar
2 egg yolks
250 gr thick cream

Chocolate Pudding:
500 ml fresh milk
120 gr caster sugar
5 gr white agar-agar
150 gr dark chocolate, chopped
2 egg yolks

Orange Custard:
500 ml orange juice
200 gr caster sugar
3 tbsp maizena, with 3 tbsp water

White Pudding:
1.      Bring milk, agar-agar and castor sugar to the simmer in a saucepan over medium heat
2.      Meanwhile, whisk yolks and a ladle of hot milk mixture and thick cream to combine. Return to pan and stir continuously and bring to boil.
3.      Remove from heat, let it chill while you make the chocolate pudding

Chocolate Pudding:
1.      Bring milk, castor sugar, agar-agar and chopped dark chocolate to the simmer in another saucepan over medium heat
2.      Meanwhile, whisk yolks and a ladle of hot milk mixture to combine. Return to pan and stir continuously and bring to boil
3.      Remove from heat, let it chill for a while

Orange custard:
1.      Bring to simmer sweet orange juices, castor sugar and maizena, stir
2.      Whisk yolk and a ladle of hot mixture to combine, return to pan and stir to boil, remove from heat, stir gradually

Layer the white and chocolate puddings in a 1,5 litre bundt pan (I use silicon mould).
Stand until chilled and firm or put in the refrigerator.
Serve with orange custard.


  1. WOW! What a phenomenal-looking pudding! Great photography. Thank you for introducing us to Asri's blog, I've only taken a quick glance so far but already saw all kinds of beauty there. :)

  2. Hi Nicole, agree with you, her works are amazingly beautiful, and oh have I told you that she won DMBLGiT couple of times?