I don’t remember since when my son starting to give his opinion about the food he’s eating. I mean he’s three years old and already notice whether the food is too salty, sweet, tangy, sour or bitter. Or he simply said he doesn’t like the food because it’s not delicious. He's not kind of picky eater, but there are days when he simply rejected the snacks I made. But every time I make him poffertjes, he's not going to complain. At all.

My friend said that the real poffertjes in Holland is in mini pancake shape, while this Indonesian version is like aebleskiver, a Danish ball shaped pancake. I do ever make aebleskiver, it taste almost the same but fluffier than poffertjes, due to egg whites’ beating separately. But since I have some degree of impatience, I always end up making poffertjes than aebleskiver. This combination of donuts and pancake is best served warm with sugar dusting and - special for this post - with chocolate ganache. Splendid. 

Source: Femina via @anitajoyo

250 gr bread flour
75 gr confectioner sugar
½ tsp instant yeast
3 eggs
400 ml milk
50 gr melted butter
¼ tsp salt

Cheddar/ raisins/ chocolate chips/ anything you like

Poffy A
f 3,5 | speed 1/640 | ISO 200

Mix the flour, sugar and instant yeast.

Heat the milk until simmer, turn off the heat. Add the eggs and whisk until frothy.

Pour the milk mixture into flour mixtures, keep whisking until the batter is uniform.

Add melted butter and salt, stir and rest for about 30 minutes.

Heat up the poffertjes pan at low heat for 15 minutes. Fill the holes ¾ with batter.

When the edges starts to get firm, turn the poffy 90 degrees (using 2 skewers or bamboo sticks) and let the batter flow into the pan. Put your desired filling then pour a little extra batter into the hole and turn the poffy another 90 degrees so the hole shape a ball.


Poffy B
f 3,5 | speed 1/320 | ISO 200

Anyway, some of my friends ask me behind the scene of my photographs, here are 2 scenes where I take those pictures above (Poffy A and B). I took the Poffy A at 2 pm, while Poffy B at 8 am. I used my Canon 1000 D with fix lens 50 mm f 1,8.

Poffy A

Poffy B


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    1. apaaaah, tangan sampe kesemutan, pinggang sampe encok kamu bilang cuma cakep? febyules juga dongsss :P

  2. I love these little "poffies"! They look and sound delicious and your photographs are beautiful.

    1. Hi Nicole, these Poffies are indeed delicious, thanks for dropping by, happy to see you here :D

  3. aku penasaran bikin si poffi ini, ngebaliknya, sampe ngisi cokelatnya itu lho piye? step by stepnya dong kakaaaak dipotoin :p

    1. jadi ngisi cetakan sampe 3/4 penuh, tunggu sampe pinggirnya set tapi tengahnya masih basah, balik separuh (90derajat) sampe adonan tengahnya membanjiri lubang, kasi filling, tuang adonan lagi sampe penuh, trus balik lagi 90 derajat sampe berbentuk bulat, begicuuuu. adooooh motrek step by stepnya itu yg bikin mulesss :P