Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

I must say that I actually not really into Indonesian sweet porridge which mostly served with thick coconut milk. I’d rather eat their savory counterpart like Chicken Porridge, as I have tendency to add sambal in everything I eat. But there are times when you miss your childhood. Times when everything seems so simple yet memorable.

My father used to bought us sweet porridge in traditional market for his daughters. In a little sealed plastic bag, the porridge consist of black glutinous rice pudding (bubur ketan hitam), rice flour porridge (bubur sumsum), glutinous rice balls porridge (jenang gerendul/candil) then poured with coconut sugar sauce. The porridge seller is an old Maduranese woman who sell porridge in the same place for years. Months ago I bought the porridge and she’s still remember my late father.

Since I married and moved from my mother’s house, I rarely buy her porridge anymore. And this morning my little boy got ill, so I thought I’d made him this comfy porridge. Though unfortunately, when he ate it, he doesn't like its taste, he said it's weird. Well, someone surely must learn to eat traditional food.

If you never try black glutinous rice, it has a nutty taste with chewy texture like the whites; but it's more earthy in my opinion. And I should warn you that if you cook 250 gr of black glutinous rice resulting like a 1 liter of porridge depends on the thickness. For me personally, that’s just too much for our little family; unless you share them with your 2-3 neighbors. Or, you could use the leftover for ice cream. (Yes, next recipe will be black glutinous rice ice cream!)

250 gr black glutinous rice
100 gr coconut sugar (you can add up to 150 gr, mine less sweet)
1 tbsp caster sugar
3 pandan leaves
Pinch of salt
300 ml thick coconut milk

Soak the black glutinous rice overnight. In the next day, drain the rice. On low heat, cook the rice with 700 ml water, cover the pot. Stir occasionally and keep adding water until it’s soft.
Add the sugar, pandan leaves and salt, keep stirring until the sugar dissolve and the porridge thickens. Turn off the heat.
In another pot, boiled the coconut milk with 1 pandan leaves and pinch of salt.

Serve the porridge with coconut milk sauce. Best served in hot, though I don't mind eat it in cold. 



  1. sepertinya enak, kapan-kapan bikin ah :)

    1. silahkan mbak Rani, mayan nih buat tombo kangen sama bubur di pasar haha