Indonesian Mud Cake

In the last two months, I’ve been crazy about traditional foods. I sometimes still wondering how could a person like me, who addicted to anything highly effective and efficient (western) recipes, fall into the most challenging recipe ever. One thing about traditional snacks is the methods. The ingredients might be cheap but it takes more efforts to do those kind of special beating, a long waiting fermentation process, or unusual pan to cook them. And yet, the more depressing process lay in how to capture them. Most of time they doesn’t look appetizing at all, no bright beautiful color or shape. So, if you see my picture a bit odd, trust me, I’ve done my best and spent hours to capture them.

Anyway, these are Kue Lumpur or Indonesian potato mud cake. Totally different from American mud cake, Kue Lumpur is made from mashed potato with coconut milk. The texture is soft, moist and dense. The authentic Kue Lumpur has raisin topping, but now we can easily find various topping from young coconut flesh until shredded cheddar cheese. While some people are creatively substitute the potato with pumpkin, resulting a beautiful yellow Lumpur. And some, still using potato, but add pandan extract to make the color more vibrant.

I stick to the original with a simple raisin topping (simple here means only put one tiny raisin to each lumpur, just like the way the seller in traditional market does hahaha), use no coloring, and what make it special, I cook it in the brass old lumpur pan. I felt like I back to the past, when my grandma made kue lumpur in her old traditional furnace.

Indonesian Mud Cake
Source: a best friend of mine, Hesti Xocolatl thanks so much for the recipe!

500 gr mashed potato
500 ml coconut milk
3 eggs
300 gr all purpose flour
200 gr caster sugar
100 gr melted butter
Vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
2 pandan leaves

Simmer the coconut milk with pandan leaves, let cool.
Mix the coconut milk and mashed potato.
Beat the eggs, salt, vanilla extract and caster sugar for 3 minutes until the sugar dissolve.
Add the potato mixture, mix well.
Heat up the pan for 10 minutes. Pour the batter ¾ full on each mould, cover until half cooked.
Put the raisin to each mold, cover again and cook until the surface is set.
Remove with spatula.
Serve warm with cup of tea.



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  2. Wow, your recipe is very interesting to try, I can't wait anymore to try the recipe you've made at home. The definition of the recipe that you made was not from someone who could make it and I was even more curious to make it. Thank you for making that interesting recipe.

  3. Thank you for sharing the recipes with us, especially the Indonesian Mud Cake. But I just want to let you know that you missed to include the flour on the directions :-)
    I shared your blog with some New Zealand young people when I teach them how to make Indonesian Mud Cake.
    Many thanks,