Lemon Tart

I know that most of times I do look like a seriously smart badass *pasangkacamatahitam. I am preaching about the food photography theories, the highly developed recipes (which errrr mostly turn into horrible disaster foods), the feminism concept, or about the omnipresence and omnipotent of God. But today, this time, the most philosophical thought on my mind as a wellbeing is about Ed Sheeran *grin*

Think I’m in the puberty phase, again. Gosh, could it be because of the period I don’t know. I just fall for this cute ginger alive. Spending home alone when it was rain outside while listening his tracks again and again, and I helplessly couldn’t help myself to stop.

Forgot the draft about Andrew Scrivani’s speech on lighting and compositional basic which is really enlightened me in a very basis of FP understanding. Didn’t finish the draft about the use of flowers in FP either, while the pictures were already in pc about weeks ago. Have many kinds of chocolate and breads and jams and spreads and new old props which off course too photogenic to not photograph them. But instead of taking picture or reading the e- Donna Hay magazines, I spend my time effortlessy, lazily watched Teddy’s channel on Youtube.

Just can’t get Ed out of my mind. I mean, beside those wholeheartedly sweet songs, his character is soooo cute. Looks like he’s so honest and doesn’t even care with what media said about his clumsy and ridiculous tattoos or his body figure. Been a long time not see an artist who’s not depend on perfect image building and the bling bling.

Anyway, in these cloudy rainy days, thanks God I had Lemon Tart in my refrigerator. A lifesaver this time, beside rendang which I bought from my best friend. So today, I proclaimed, as the most lazily doing nothing but watching Ed Sheeran’s day of my life. Yeahhhh!

Basic Lemon Tart
Sumber: Donna Hay

Adonan Pastry:
225 gr tepung serbaguna
125 gr mentega tawar ingin, cincang
80 gr gula halus (icing sugar)
3 kuning telur
1 sdm air es

250 ml krim kental
2 telur
3 kuning telur
110 gr gula halus
125 ml air lemon

Cara membuat:
Adonan Pastry: 1. campur semua bahan di dalam food processor, proses hingga bertekstur seperti pasir (saya pake pastry knife).
2. Tuang di meja kerja, kumpulkan jadi satu. Letakkan di antara 2 silpat lalu gilas dengan ketebalan 2 mm. Simpan dalam lemari es selama ½ jam.
Panaskan oven 160 dercel. Keluarkan adonan pastry, lalu cetak di loyang bongkar pasang ukuran 22 cm (saya pake 18 cm + 3 loyang mini pie).
3-4. Tusuk-tusuk permukaan adonan dengan menggunakan garpu, lalu tutup dengan baking paper yang telah ditindih beras/kacang-kacangan (metode blind bake). Panggang selama 10 menit atau hingga matang keemasan.
5. Sementara menunggu matang, buat isinya: campur semua bahan, aduk dengan kocokan kawat hingga rata lalu saring.
Angkat adonan pie dari oven, turunkan suhu 120 dercel.
6. Tuang isian ke dalam adonan pie, panggang selama 20 menit atau hingga set.
Angkat dari oven, dinginkan di suhu ruang sebelum dimasukkan ke dalam kulkas.
Sajikan dingin engan taburan gula halus.
Godspeed, this lemon tart is just perfect. Uwenak!

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