Apple Crumble

Buibu, liburan gini hayuk ah berdayakan bocah-bocah untuk turun ke dapur. Meski dapur akan lebih berantakan, namun banyak pelajaran berharga yang bisa anak dapatkan dari kegiatan domestik seperti ini. Tak hanya belajar memasak atau bikin kue, tapi bu ibu juga bisa menyisipkan pesan-pesan tentang arti menjaga kebersihan, belajar berhitung (menimbang bahan kue), keselamatan (menyalakan kompor, memasukkan Loyang ke oven), sampai keterampilan kinetik seperti mengiris, mencetak, melipat, dsb.


I wish I could say that caption from the bottom of my heart. But the bitter truth is: having 8 months baby and a toddler really .. really drain my energy. Z my daughter is starting to walk. She could stand while holding the chair but the next minute she raise her hands and trying to stand up by herself. Horror. And K is sometimes… most of times….getting on my nerves. Asking anything from what is God until talking about his friend named Azra or Rozak or Zara - or whoever I dont remember - pushing his chair so he fell when he was going to sit. Grabbing anything he likes, from colander to lego, ball to banana and spread them away in the floor like grenades. And don’t forget the never ending request right after he ate some food, from nugget to sushi, pudding to soto, muffin to candy; you know, just like oldies said “sak mecotote lambe”.

Rome Beauty
And so… no. Bringing two children to kitchen is the most horrifying thing in my vocabulary rite now. Since Ramadan, I rarely cook or bake. Because… well because I have two loyal audiences whenever I go to the bathroom and you expect me to cook? Where should I keep them? In a box so I could bake cookies wholeheartedly? These kids, the baby especially, is my biggest, hugest fans in the world, she could not, could never, will never leave me alone. She knocked on my bathroom door while crying right after I left her for take a piss, like five second ago. So if you think having one child is terrible, just imagine if you have two little monster. Now I need to make appointment to my obgyn for my birth control. No thanks, I don’t plan having third me in near future.

Anyway, enough ranting about MOMMA NEED SOME REST. Let’s talk about this Apple Crumble. Actually I was planning to make Apple Pie, but again, considering those two little monsters, so I made this Apple Crumble which less difficult, less complicated but the result is as good as I imagined. If you wonder how could I made it, well off course I peel and chopped the apples the night before when the kids were sleeping. The next day, I just set my oven, prepare for the crumble while my son doing all the measurement, mixing, pouring etc. So did I do nothing? If you categorize cleaning the mess (flour and apple filling spilling all over the flour, creating a sticky kitchen) as doing nothing, so yes, I did nothing. Nothing but cleaning. For the sake of happy kids but tiring mom. I guess that conclude the perk of being mom: making your children happy but you do the dirty laundry.

Apple Crumble

7 apples, I used local Manalagi and Rome Beauty, peeled, chopped coarsely
100 gr brown sugar
3 calamansi juice
1 tsp cinnamon powder

50 gr biscuits
50 gr gluten free flour (mocaf)
50 gr leftover soy meal  
50 gr nuts (canary, almond, pumpkin seeds)
50 gr butter

Pre heat oven to 180 C
Mix apple, calamansi juice, and brown sugar in a bowl. Stir in cinnamon powder. Spoon mixture into 4 1-cup (250 gr) shallow ovenproof dishes.
Crumble biscuit flour, soy meal and nuts into a bowl. Rub in butter until mixture clumps slightly. Sprinkle mixture on fruit.
Bake for 20 minutes or until crumbles are heated through.

** The day before I made soy milk then I baked the leftover soy meal until completely dry. Dry soy meal can be used in baked goods. You can replace the soy meal with flour, biscuit or nuts for the crumble.

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