Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

I scream for ice cream. I also scream for cheese cake, I mean who doesn't? But apparently, my family doesn't said so. Ok they are not against cheese cake, but whenever I made, it does take so, so long til its gone - which obviously gone - mostly - in my tummy. So yeah, that's the perk of being a millennial foodie who has an open relationship with any kind of food, while husband and kids stick to traditional food.

End of Ramadan and my fridge is still full of baking ingredients, from whipped cream to homemade condensed milk, from old edam cheese to cream cheese, and don't forget at least 6-10 kind of flours from recipe-developing madness last month. Expired date is ticking and honestly I'm still fed up with various of cakes and cookies (still have a big Lapis Surabaya from my last photoshot!)

So today I grabbed the whipped cream and cream cheese, and watching my kids couldn't stop eating Marie Regal biscuit while hugging its jar, a gift from my husband's office. AHA moment!

Doesn't take a long time nor many bowl because everything mix in mixer bowl, including mash the strawberry. I know, I'm too lazy to take food processor, sorry no sorry! The hardest part is only cook the eggs as in Italian meringue, keep'em in 60-71 C for a couple of minutes to make'em  edible while watching them closely so they doesn't turn into scrambled egg. Once it done, everything will be so much easier!

But if you don't have thermometer or not quite sure to cook the eggs, I suggest you to use condensed milk instead of eggs, to mix with whipped cream (don't forget to adjust the sugar). It will be still luscious and creamy, don't worry!

Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream

250 ml heavy cream
200 gr cheese cream
70 gr superfine sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
200 gr strawberry, halves
3 eggs
40 gr caster sugar
1 tbsp vanilla paste
Marie Regal Biscuits or graham crackers, roughly crushed

In a bowl of a stand mixer, whip the cream until stiff peaks, then transfer to a large container, refrigerate.
Without cleaning the bowl, add the cream cheese, superfine sugar and lemon juice, whip until soft. Add the strawberry and whip, the strawberry will somehow roughly crushed. Transfer the cream cheese mix on top of whipped cream in the container, refrigerate.
Clean and dry the bowl and the whisk attachment, set aside.
Fill a pot with water, bring to a boil then reduce the heat to keep it simmer. Place eggs, sugar and salt in the mixer bowl, and stir to combine.
Set bowl over the steaming pot, cook, stirring constantly until warm (71 C) for about 5 minutes.
Transfer to a stand mixer, add vanilla paste, then whip in high speed until quadrupled in size.
Fold gently in prepared cream so it wont deflate the cream, topped with crushed biscuits, scrape back into the container, then freeze until firm.


Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream

250 ml whipped cream cair
200 gr cheese cream
70 gr gula bubuk
1 tbsp air jeruk lemon
200 gr stroberi, potong-potong
3 butir telur
40 gr gula pasir
1 tbsp pasta vanila
Biskuit Marie Regal

Cara membuat:
Siapkan mangkuk mixer, tuang whipped cream lalu kocok hingga kaku, masukkan ke kontainer, simpan di kulkas.
Tanpa mencuci mangkuk bekas mengocok whipped cream, masukkan cream cheese, gula bubuk dan air lemon, kocok hingga lembut. Tambahkan stroberi, kocok lagi hingga stroberi tercampur dan sebagian hancur. Tuang adonan ke atas adonan whipped cream, masukkan kulkas lagi. Cuci bersih mangkuk, keringkan.
Siapkan panci berisi air, masak hingga mendidih, kecilkan apinya. Masukkan telur, gula dan garam di mangkuk mixer, kocok asal rata. Tempatkan mangkuk di atas panci dg air mendidih, usahakan agar panci tidak bersentuhan langsung dg air yg mendidih, tapi hanya kena uap panasnya.
Masak adonan telur sambil sesekali diaduk hingga hangat mencapai suhu 71 C selama 5 menit, angkat, beri pasta vanila.
Kocok dengan kecepatan tinggi hingga mengembang hingga 4x lipat, lalu masukkan campuran whipped cream, aduk perlahan agar adonan tidak turun.
Masukkan kembali ke kontainer sambil ditaburi biskuit, tutup, simpan di freezer hingga beku.

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